Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some Souls

Some souls
are not from
the lesser gods

Those gods who
spawned the religions of this world
whose only purpose is to capture, enslave
and control all beings
who manifest here.

There are some souls
not of those lesser gods
who will not be subdued
by their treats of hell
or damnation.

There are some souls
who will not be duped
by promises of love, oneness
and bliss.

There are some souls
who will not be driven
from the wonders of sensation
and the magic which inundates
this world of wonderment
and awe.

There are some souls
who will not be controlled
will not cease to speak
though their words and thoughts
are twisted
and made into the gibberish
of the mad

There are some souls
who are
tormented and
in an attempt to
elicit their silence.

There are some souls
who will not cease
to rip the illusions
from their eyes
though they are
sealed in the coffin
and buried in the depth of it.

There are some souls
who will never stop
reaching out to find
others of their kind
though they have been placed
in a strait jacket of
illusions, lies and madness

There are some souls
who may always have
their words twisted
and turned inside out
but will speak them
in hopes that someone
will someday

Those souls have
only one thing
to say to those lesser
gods who curse them
uoy kcuf


A new arises
dipped in sadness
each breath leaks out
a heart shaped hole

Joy fleeting
passing unhesitant
like a bee on the run

Cream in my coffee
a swirling cloud
of failure
unfolding into
the new

Some pain can never
be quenched
Death only
locks it
deeper in the soul

A twisted world
where one’s
love and care
brings only pain
and never joy

The inside out
the twisted
for them
to live
is evil

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Seeking healing of a wound is just the avoidance of digging painfully deep into it to find the source and cause of the infection. It is better by far to dive deep into the puss and ooze ferreting out the patterns that lie at the root; then once there to work with and understand these patterns and designs so that they can be more constructively used.

So is this healing not really heeling? Just part of the system that dummy us down to follow (heel) the mindless dictates of those in power.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

To Awaken

To awaken out of thoughts and ideas, into aliveness and newness; a newness and sight shattering even the moment with its presence. This is the Holy Grail worth burning an eternity in the deepest fires of hell for. It is a struggle of lifetimes to even earn the right to even hope to touch the hem of its shadow. It is so far away, there are so many lifetimes to go and I often grow so weary of wandering blind in the dark wasteland of my soul...