Friday, July 22, 2011

A Walk

I went for a walk and suddenly it swallowed me how I am all those parts of me, the child and all his tantrums; the parrot, the analytic, the sage and the me I think I am; all just parts. Parts I boxed as good or bad, all those parts locked away; they all came out to dance and skip on the side walk today.

A small sprinkler was jettisoning droplets of water like flower petals gently floating to the ground and melting into the lawn.

A red car, just wanted to have a conversation to pass the time away.

Each and every tree smiled, some bowed others humming a little sly tune and I felt like hugging them all and tasting their leaves. I wanted to wrap myself naked around each and every one.

Up popped some apartment nozzles and water from them began to spray. I stood transfixed by the majesty of it all. All in unison they sprang to singing the fullness of the chorus of that watery melody they sang. The drops, some on the lawn and some on the sidewalk puddling up here and there; then tiny rivulets began meandering across, into cracks, flowing like miniature rivers in deep eroded gullies, finally off the edge tiny waterfalls gushing onto the street.

Something is in the air today, something is melting me from the inside out and I too will soon flow like rivets into the street and down the gutter and who knows where from there.

And really I don't really care...

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