Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shifting Realms

Where is freedom
held within?

Remove from my path all who grasp at my limbs
open doors before all who I inhibit
that we may go freely

Release my shackles
loose the chains of all those I have bound
that we may be freedom

Relinquish all my expectations
dissolve any anticipations I may have created within others
that we may see clearly what is

Renounce all my need to be right
remove the wrongness’s I have created in the eyes of others
that we may all be free of judgment

Repudiate all my apparent truths
shine light on the darkness’s I have created for others
that we will all see our way

Resign my knower as knowing
listen to the wisdom being spoken by others
that we all will be wiser

Retire as speaker of my understandings
hear the words not spoken by those around me
that we will all be heard

If there be the listener who can hear and manifest these words
then let it be so.

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