Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Am Moment

I am now and eternally all that I am
I am not what attempts to contain me
and yet I am my container
I am not my form
and I am form
I am not
my hands
my eyes
my brain
my thoughts
or feelings
Yet I am
all of these things.

I am not joy
or sadness
or pain.

I am all these!

I am the ones
I love
and those I hate
I am the loved
and the hated

There are no limits
to what or who I am

I am the rock
on the face of the mountain
the trickling stream in spring
and the frozen branch bare in winter

I am God
I am Satan
I am demon
I am angel.

Whatever I see
or conceive
I am
Whatever you see
or conceive
I am.

There are no limits
to what I will do
There are no limits
to what I will give
There are no limits
to what I will take.

I will take all
that you possess
all your thoughts
I will take your heart
your soul
and have
all of mine taken
in return.

I am the hawk
descending upon its prey
I am the mouse
its final breath
wrung out
by the talons.

I am the stone
in the river
I am the water
that wets the stone.

I am the one
who gives you orgasm
I am the orgasm
you feel.

I am you
all you know
all you taste
all you touch.

There is nowhere
I am not
I am everywhere
I am nowhere

I am
those dark secret
that excite you
alone in your bed.

I am the fire raging
devouring the world
I am the rain gently
quenching the flames.

I am the parched
sands of the desert
and the damp
blossoms of the rain forest.

It is my words spoken
by Osho
and Buddha

It is my words
as I walk
conversing with
personal demons
in our rotting
inner cities.

The are no words written
that I am not writing
None spoken
I am not speaking

There is no pain
within you that is not mine
no joy that is not my joy.

When you hear
my voice
or read my words
it is I who am hearing
and I who am reading
your words.

There are no songs
that I am not singing
no lyrics
I have not written.

All that can be
all that is
all that is not
I am

I am nothingness’s
and whispers
of silence.

I am Moment…

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