Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Consciousness Coalescence

The more we master the physical universe the more prepared we are to transform into higher consciousness.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

    Now this sounds so much like the rape of nature we see everywhere, but I don’t see ‘mastery of the physical universe’ as being the domination of it. But rather in the sense of to understand something very well, with an intimate knowing that borders upon the biblical meaning of ‘to know’ as in to make love to or like a master pianist creating the most splendid of music. 
   Perhaps never distancing ourselves from the world magical, physical as it is, never letting go of the awe and mystery of this universe, because it is there, in the mystery, play and fun, where the doorway to our transformation can be found. 
    To look deeply into smallest of subatomic particle or the grand cosmic scale bigness of it all and still see that wild mystery permeating and dancing in everything; is to open, at least a crack, in that door to wonderment at the core of our soul, stretched ever so thinly around all that is. 
   And when we finally get it and it finally speaks to us with the voice of a lover, will our soul burst as sometimes it feels it may or will it suddenly coalesce into something far beyond anything comprehensible?
   Whatever happens, it is there many are irresistibly and eternally drawn, 
         moment to moment, 
                    life to life...

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