Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eye Paints

close your eyes
and in the darkness breathe

slowly and with resolve

draw deep the magical streams
which flow hidden and concealed
amongst the wasteland
of clamorous  thoughts
and endless should do’s

Breath in deep
that which was lost
to learnings
worldly meanings
and obligatory doings

Then exhale
BLOW away
all that which took
melt it away
with the enchanted
winds of

Draw in deeper still
the magical streams
of dreams
and whimsical
fairy dust
floating silently
within the creases
of air

Exhale ever so slowly
those streams of dreams
and mystical shades of tint
out through each
distinct flowing
eye lash

painting magic and splendiferous
back into a world
only just before
lost in madness

as you slowly and with resolve
open one

and then
the other

and with each successive
paint in
deeper and richer
more fanciful
dancing in twinkles

trickles of
in the moonlight
of day