Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Piece of Grin

He had a piece of grin gripped tightly in his mouth
and wouldn’t let it go.

It was his hold on sanity to keep from
falling into the dark pit below.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Subawareness Matrix

Fell into wrong world
Skin not mine
Thought translator malfunctioning
Verbalizer desynchronized fibulations
 Flooded by fluency errors
Words stammering uncontrollably
Manifesting interface malfunction
Consciousness dimensional slicer out of tweak
You see it is not just a matter of doing or not doing
It is deeper than that
There is a basic subawareness interface corruption
or matrix error
I understand those who are mad
                They are Others like me
                                Lost in the wrong world or mind phase
i am not mad really, although it appears so even to myself
i am not on mushrooms or some drug or plant
i am simply try ing to make sense of that place between
unverbalizable subaware soul/self and my conscious mind and its interaction with the
manifested world
projections, maybe of a deeper disruption of awareness or selfness?
Throwing away the models and scaffolding of what is “real” in search of true freedom
from the limitations of my own beliefs in the solidity of world
How can I really change as long as I, “I” am ridgid and stone cast as the world I perceive around me.
I am ripe for change, always have been
                Simply never have found the right mold to pour into.
Like trying to fly in dreams, it takes so much concentration
just to function and appear to fit the accepted model.
I shall be my own mold, shapless and shiftingshapeness as cloudness
                Some souls perhaps are still not formed
                                or maybe never will be
perhaps be-ing is never to just be