Saturday, October 23, 2010

If and a Prayer

If getting dirt under your nails
bothers You

If rolling naked with me in the mud
makes You feel dirty

If dancing as a princess at the ball
makes You feel like someone else

If making twisted love while others watch
makes You feel like a slut

If walking out your front door
in your underwear, never to return
is too much to ask of You

If stepping through the veil
into a strange alien world
is inconceivable to You

If there are any limits to anything
You could ever do

If anything you have done
defines who You are

If everything in this or any other world
is not part of who You are

If “if” is not meaningless

Then my search continues.

I don’t know who I am
only that I am
I do not know who your are
only that you are
We are not any "thing" we do
or have done
or will do
but everything
is a part of who we are

every feeling, every thought
every action or dream
and all are welcome
and accepted without
regret, trepidation
of appearances
or consequences

I seek someone who is like me
and understands
but mostly understands that
we do not understand
and jumps freely into
dark chasms of
the unknown.

I search
knowing all along
most likely you do not exist
except perhaps
in dreams and imaginings
but I search none-the-less
because somewhere I feel
there is this missing part of me
if not in this then in another world

And if there is a God or Goddess
to them for her I pray
this and every day.

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