Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crow and a Mosquito

Sitting in silence
Crow black as darkness
Giant mosquito perched
beside her.

What is your message
sitting there motionless
just your eyes
staring into mine.

Harbinger of Death
knowledge of self
trickster of my soul
bringer of magic
messenger of the gods
What brings you to me
in this dark hour
before the end of night?

There beside you
proboscis poised
patiently sitting
waiting slyly
to drain my life?

There you sit
silently watching
Here am I
quietly watching

What moves you
to come to me
in dreams
what moves you to
sit in silence

Is this a game
of mind

pitted one against the other
moves of cleverness
which can only end
in one victorious?

Is it a choice I must make
my soul carried away
or my life drained?

What is the meaning
of this omen
of this sign
of this image
seen as I return
from other worlds?

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