Monday, March 8, 2010

Thoughts on Ethanol

It is so frustrating to spend a whole life searching and only glimpse such tiny specks of truth; only a few rare and far between pin pricks in the fabric of illusion.
And even with all the work to be more, find one’s self to be only an onion, rotten at the core, revealing a revolting stench to anyone who dared to peal away the layers of who I am.
Such are my thoughts on scotch. But, soon they will all stop and there will once again be peace in my mind. I am missing something and can’t seem to understand what it is. One thing I do know is that I don’t need or want to be fixed. So I will be with what is or seems to be so. And this is what I am thinking now. If hell be my destiny, then hell I willingly accept. None of it is real or of any matter. Such funny creatures we humans are. LOL Such foolish fools, as if anything we could ever do would make a difference.
The thoughts float by and new ones appear. New thoughts, new feelings and more just float through consciousness and I ride with each as they travel the roller coast rail.
But, I am not the coaster or the rail; merely a willing thrill seeker, along for the ride.
So WHEEEE and away I go.

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