Sunday, March 14, 2010


Look around you, look inside you, at all the things. Look at each one; replace all the nouns with verbs.

See Tree-ing, table-ing, chair-ing, I-ing and everything-ing.


Suddenly there is this great profound mystery; unfolding, exploding, everywhere. Everything is in the process of become-ing; become-ing something totally and unexpectedly new; something which never was before or will be again. There is so much, everything-ings is becoming-ing; possibility is possibility-ing. OMG!
There is no longer possibility; not even unlimited possibility. Unlimited, countless, ever expanding possibly does not even come close.

There is Possiblity-Ing!!!!!
Being-ing and what Is-ing

And a whole new door just fucking blows open and takes the whole damn room with it.

And then there you are, sitting naked with all the universe-ings, big bang-ing all around-ing.

All this simply by morphing nouns to verbs...

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