Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Grand Mistake

So what if in the perfect nothing. In a nothing, where there was no matter, space, time, or even consciousness; there was a random defect. What if that defect was an infinitesimal blip of consciousness and this colossal mistake was God.

So is this whole universe but a delusion of a mad God driven insane trying to find meaning and quell the immeasurable loneliness of being the only conscious entity, a freak in such a perfect nothingness that there is nothing to even be conscious in?

Are we only the phantoms of dreams, nightmares and delusions of his/her madness? The final screaming exhale of the single and only breath to ever exist.

Or are we the saviors of this God, the only tools who can ease the pain and bring peace to existence; the only hope in all the hopelessness that fills all that is?

So are we God’s attempt to find meaning and give purpose to his/her existence?

Is finding meaning in meaninglessness the purpose of life? Is that purpose, what gives it meaning? When our job be done, will our existence be swept away?

Should I bother finishing work today or have another cup of coffee and stop thinking?

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