Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Worlds of Time

Riding life’s brush
dragging time
cross landscapes unending

worlds of time
and none do we posses

We, you and I
and Shaping
mysterious 3

Existential transcendent being
eternal birth, never born
nor conceived

Becoming always and never
not being and being
neither one nor the other
lost eternally in the loneliness of God

Sky inseparable from blue
stars dazzling an infinite void
in a primordial sea
effortlessly swim
as the red giant sun
engulfs it all
eons beyond their birth

Past and future
forged together
shaping now
as this moment
shapes them all
while the shaper
wanders lost
within our soul

No here nor there
or earth or air
no post or pre
no you or me

Yet countless
subatomic beings
each named
dancing into and out
of existence
as I transcend it all

I known by no one
known only by piece
and slivers
parts and partials
divided divisions of separate crumbs
of inseparable One

All a mystery, all

Worlds of time
and none to do I posses

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