Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Which Came First?

It is all fucking Pointless

So what came first?
The question or the answer?
Was there an answer
simply there waiting
for the right question to be asked?

Or perhaps there aren’t
and never were any answers
perhaps that’s why each question
only leads to more and more questions

Perhaps it is only questioning
wonderment that is real.

Perhaps that which is searched for
can never be found
and it is really only
the searching that has purpose.

Perhaps it is all pointless
and that IS the point.

And the point is to get
the pointlessness of it all.

But, how do I get pointlessness?

Perhaps I can’t get pointlessness
I can only be pointless.

To be the silence
be the emptiness
be the void

to be nothing
which IS
to be it all.

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