Thursday, January 8, 2009

In the Spirit of Madness

In the spirit of madness
I start a new year
as a chapter in a book
yet to be written

I vow to drink my fill
of all that pleases me
to take what ever I desire
and fulfill my deepest
fantasies and cravings.

In the spirit of madness
I vow to hold myself
to NO expectations
or moral and
ethical codes.

I shall eat what
delights my pallet
listen to what
feels sweet
to my ear
touch all that
tastes delightful
to my fingers tips
and lips.

In the spirit of madness
I will grope into the
most intimate
and darkest corners
of life herself
feeling out her
licking her nectar
as I probe
deeper to posses
all that she is
and ever will be.

I will delve
and dive into
the depths of it all

be it
a placid pond
in an Eden
only dreamt of

or a cesspool
in the pit of

In the spirit of madness
I will take each moment
for all that it offers
devouring it whole
without thought
or care
or concern
of what may
ever come to pass.

I will consume it all
without guilt
or shame
of what it is
I am
or do.

It is in the spirit of saneness
that I make this proclamation
this declaration of
my freedom and
desire to be
all that I am.

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