Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sitting here contemplating
cycles of time
of life

We are born immortal
grow older, watch
those close to us
who gave birth to us
die and pass away.

Each day a part of
our immortality slips away
leaving a less certain mortal
behind as night closes
the day.

I watch a self
hang up the phone
as the words
soak into my chest
and settle
deep inside
my gut.

Mom has passed away
my sister said
she went peacefully
in her sleep

I don’t remember
what was said
after that.

A sleepless night
a different world
lit as the earth
fell beneath
a sun.

The philosopher
strangely quiet
no words of insight
no wisdom
just a hole
bleeding tears
from a half
beating heart

It was best
we said;
unable to speak
to eat
nourishment injected
insipid and tasteless
through a plastic

Lou Gehrig’s
does that you know
it eats you bit by bit
till nothing is left
nothing but,
your mind
your thoughts
Your screams to
a failing body which is
no longer yours.

It was best we say
but, it doesn’t feel
that way.

1 comment:

ViolentLove said...

I always enjoy reading your posts.
They probe deeply.

Peace to you.