Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who is the shadow in the dark corner of darkness?

This darkest of souls
assassinates wonder
with reason
slaughters awe
with logic
defecates on
mystery's magic
and claims
it is light
and right.

An evil not
to be found
across the room
the city
or world.

It far
more insidious
and certainly
much more intimate
than that.

It's voice I hear -
ego raging
with reason and logic
echoing in
my fog filled mind
as I wake.

Beginning each day
I gazing upon its face
there starring back
from an expressionless mirror.

There can be found
no other person
or thing
to be more feared
or more devastating
than that which I find
lurking within.

If there are demons
with which to do battle
let it first be with those
inside who masquerade
as me.

Because in truth
there are none
in this
or any world
I could find
who would do
more harm

1 comment:

ViolentLove said...

I think it is our light that we fear most. I embraced my darkness and understood it, it made sense, it fed upon itself and consumed me... my light i was much less comfortable with.

To the light and the dark.