Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweet Serendipity

By Paul Davis

Sweet serendipity
Continue to shine on me
Open my eyes to see
Make me all you want me to be
Cause me to trip over my treasure
Discover my destiny
Live authentically
Practice spontaneity
Get rid of hesitancy
Live boldly
Engage the day exuberantly
Manifest my full potential passionately
Never being limited by my current reality
But living from within victoriously
Via my faith and inner reality
Sweet serendipity
When my efforts are done
And the distance I’ve fully run
Let it be said of me
In love and life I won
Take me from tragedy
To triumph
From a mess
To a deliverable message
From stumbling block
To stepping stone
From seeming setbacks
To immeasurable successes
From pain
Into power
From anxiety
Into creativity
From hurt
Into healing
From offense
Into feeling
From disaster
Into dynamic recovery
Countless destiny discoveries
Dream fulfillment
Causing all in the world
To hear it
Sweet serendipity shine on me
Make my life
What it ought to be!

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