Thursday, October 23, 2008

Discerning Nows

I find myself firmly
planted between
what was and what I am
grappling feverishly with
all I believe lies
in what will be.

Panic stricken thoughts
desperate attempts to flee
gobbling up
remnants of a once
living world.


While Rose’s spring
fragrance rots consumed
as fiery sunsets
become frozen gray
and frosted grass
cuts like glass shards
under naked feet

Today’s dawn
unfolds revealing
Van Gough’s
Starry Night
so stark and real

But, we all came as children
riding the crest of time
future laying
down before us
past falling away

Yes, they came as children
golden shore calling
opportunistic waves washing over
with each attempted

An endless Swim upstream
to find the sea
blinded by desire
paralyzed with fear
lost in illusion of need

Hope my parched desert
which will never taste
the rain
scorched, burnt
nothing left to bloom

All but delusions
mist filled forests
cool mountain streams
flowered meadows
lush after warm
spring rain

Birds sing
caressing my heart
with unconditional love

Crest of life
of time
the only
place I have
ever been

Ever now
no then nor when
nor loss
nor win

I ride this the
wave of now
cross eternities brow

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