Sunday, July 6, 2008


To become nothing is to BE
To be anything is to fail
To say anything is to be misunderstood
To hear anything is to misunderstand
To do anything is to undo everything

Striving always to find
Once found is empty

Emptiness filled
with nothing
consumed the everything
I thought I saw

A voice I heard
was nothing
there was no one there
it was nothing speaking
silence to no one
from nowhere
never ending
without beginning
no words
no voice
no song singing
nothing chiming
like silent bells
and singing lips
in a graveyard
on a moonless winters night

in her lightlessness
caressed me without arms
without lips
or hips
eyes empty
empty sockets of nothingness
gazing into the urn of my soul

A sweet song sung
without music
or sound
even the silence
was swallowed

The deafening silence
was swallowed
in nothingness
and nothing remained

NOTHING of nothing

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