Sunday, February 10, 2008

From the Mist

by David Hoyt Johnson

She came to me from the mist.
Ah crystalline shroud that hovers ever so delicately,
caressing the most soil
while vaporous waifs are drawn,
tentacle like, towards nights
brilliant orb.

Silent orb that draws the waters
to soil's refuge,
she was as one with the moons mysteries,
timeless fascination upon mans
ignorant eyes.

Cobalt eyes that drew me towards her
hesitant not I gaze unto the radiance
drawn as if from some deep well
where clear, cool, spring water awaited
the touch of my lips.

Her lips met mine for a brief eternity.
forces of tender passion too strong
to relay with the phonetic utterance of tongue,
whirlwinds of colored emotion
sheath us.

To us the stars become as whitened stones upon the stream
and our hearts dance to the flute,
sweet, lilting, notes brush lightly through
her golden hair like a
whispered voice.

Her voice heard in a silent souls embrace,
"My timeless love you will know passion
as other men know sight. And you will
give yourself to love without doubt,
foolishly brave."

"And brave love your companion will also be despair.
For only those who know despairs bitter taste
can savor the succulent fruit of the vine.
And time will shed the pain like some
reptilian scales."

"As scales of the balance you shall be given
equal measure, but none in moderation.
For a poet cannot moderate life's ebbs and flows,
do the waves cease their rush to the shore
in fear of the crash upon
the stones?"

Polished stones she offered to me as she drifted back.
Quartz, Sapphire, Jade, Onyx I then held,
warmly glowing upon my calloused hand.
Runic symbols scared the brilliance of each
Celtic knot.

"Forget not this gentle embrace for I leave you never.
Live not in the joys of things no longer, instead,
shine light upon the darkness of things to be.
And taste each sweet breath that is given
in your souls dance."

She dances upon the cresting waves, this muse of mine,
who kissed my soul so very long ago.
And some tranquil nights when darkness rest
I hear again her voice
in our souls embrace...

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