Saturday, January 26, 2008

End of Life Forever

If we are the only life
in the universe,
if we do destroy ourselves
and all life on earth;
does it really matter
if there is
no one
to remember?

If we are not the only life
in the universe
and there are millions
or billions
of other worlds with
conscious life forms;
does it still
really matter if we
or any of us
destroy ourselves?

What makes us so special
as to make our significance
any more than a single
Muon flung randomly
the cold emptiness
of space?

I think it matters not
after we are gone,
if we existed at all
but now,
in this moment –

it is Everything

it is
All that matters.

No matter how
and insignificant
we feel
ourselves to be.

It is each of us
in this timeless moment,
without past, future
or remembered present;
it is this moment
which contains
all the joy love
and ecstasy
that is or
ever will be.

If only we pause,
open our eyes
hearts and
souls to be
with now.

1 comment:

Argider said...

Just a note: A Muon is a negatively charged elementary particle with an average lifetime of 2.2 microseconds.