Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Going to Alaska

I am on my way to Alaska
Hitching a ride with
a long-haul trucker

Just me, a pair of sneakers
on my feet, blue jeans
a short sleeved shirt
light jacket, just the clothes
on my back
and nothing more.

Maybe not apropos
for the cold frontier
I’m heading for.

But then I was never
ready or proper
for anything
place or thing
I found myself in.

The air through Canada
clear and crisp;
late spring,
flowers just dreaming –
of a bloom.

Gliding across the border
Snow capped mountain peaks
a land vast,
open and
free I see.

He drives to
his destination
I thank him for the ride
and conversation
he did provide;
been a journey to

I walk from here
till there are
no roads to follow,
towards the edge
of this beautiful
open land.

Finally a trail, a path I find
up through a valley
and along gentle
mountain slopes.

Right up next to a
damned fence
it seemed to go,
all the way
no end in sight.

The path looks well-worn;
there are others
walking too.

I think we are all
looking for
past the edge,
the fence
that holds us in
or keeps us out.

I meet another;
she is as angry as me
Pissed at life
the bull-shit
of not being where

Wants to be
so do I.
Don’t know why
we even spoke
but soon our conversation
turned us round and
back down the path we
both were on.

I don’t know what
it’s all about but,
I have to go it alone.

The path, I see,
was worn by
those who turned back
not by those who kept
going to the end.

I had to bid her good-by
and find the end
of that fence
that hems me in.

I have to find the door,
the passage that leads
me from this foreign world.

Have to find it before
winter sets in
I am ill prepared to
survive the storms.
I know they will
surely be my end.

maybe they
are the way
which will finally
set me free
home to be.

I had this dream just before I woke today, the frame upon which this was written. Had to write it down before I left for work, so it is still rough and a work in progress.
Then just as I was leaving, before I shut the door, in the distance I hear distinct sound of a Jake-brake of truck trailer rig off in the distance. A call perhaps, telling me it is time to go.

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