Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Spirit

I have always been a free spirit.
Even as a young child,
as soon as I could crawl
I was off exploring this new
world, full of strange
alluring wonders.

You loved me
in the beginning
because I was free,
and you were entranced
by my unrestrained
obsession to explore.

When you found
I could not be caged
or chained to convention;
and you could not understand
that my love for you
was reflected all that I loved;
by then, only anger remained,
not love.

What can I say,
you are not
and were never
the center
of the universe;
you are
the universe.

Every star, galaxy
insight and thought;
every wonder
I have ever
it has always
been your face
I saw reflected back to me.

You could never
see how much you really
meant to me.
You always underestimated
how deeply you swallowed
my soul and how helpless
I was to escape.


ViolentLove said...

Oh my.


I feel you, seriously.

ViolentLove said...

Not sure where to put this, I guess this will have to do...

I find you interesting and cool.

I pray that you will find beauty in the moments.