Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Between Moments of Fog

This was so weird. I was listening to a CD I had heard about from the Daily Om Music email called the "Secret Garden" last night. For some reason rather than being experienced as peaceful and relaxing it just brought up all this stuff connected with the things around me, books, radios and memories all connected with the past, so many connections with things. It was like I just wanted to let it all go, just leave everything, memories, all the stuff in my life and even the world. Life and all things I had collected and experienced seemed only a burden bringing a deep sadness and feelings of how hopeless and devoid of meaning it all was.

It was a sad and yet comfortable experience. What transpired next was like waking in between the moments of time into a timeless moment for lack of a better word. Because there was no sense of time; it was like time had simply dissipated like morning fog which covers the beach on a coastal morning. The chill washed away as I was being wrapped in the warmth of sunlight.

What joy to fly in that space amongst and around those time moments. Perhaps that is what it is to be in the moment, to be in that place where what you think and see in your mind as the moment are just things you dance around in the nameless space between them.

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ViolentLove said...

You seem to be gifted with a deep sensitivity and an understanding of the woundings of the world.

I pray for balance and peace and more moments spent in the light that flows from the cracks in the darkness.

May you be covered with truth and may the creator awaken you to the fullness of your destiny. May you be blessed as you journey along your path.

Thank you for sharing yourself.