Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was driving to work the other day and saw this bumper sticker on a car which went by. I thought it was a noble ideal and a vision to strive for but…

Somehow it bothered me and kept crawling around in my mind like so many insignificant brain maggots tend to do from time to time.

Finally I realized what it was that just didn’t make unreasonableness. By unreasonableness, I mean it made sense to my rational mind but the irrational self was pacing around banging on the head trying to get my attention.

So here is what the banging pacer had to say on it and I might add, I do agree.

“Man” has yet to, or ever will, create the “One” religion, government and culture which will encompass all that we are or will become. How can we EVER expect to have “ONE” of anything when we are constantly trying to create a god(dess) which is greater than his/her creator to make it all happen? When will we stop looking for the “One” solution and grok one not one.

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