Thursday, July 26, 2007

Haiku, July 21 – 24 2007

These are a few Haiku, I had written last weekend and Tuesday. Perhaps for the "purists" they should just be called short poems. What ever they are or could be called, they attempt to capture a moment or some etheric presence which passed through my being.

then became
now, to become someday
waterfall's whisper

sun illuminates
moist morning clinging to leaves
dew bells ring

my heart brushed by
butterfly wings within you
one soul not two

quiet sun plunges
splashing into a red sea
pensive pines listen

a swamp silent
covered with bracken mounds
egret cry pierces

bat shaped breach
in darkened fluttering sky
mosquito silent

weathered granite
searching for door openings
hollow world inside

sitting not there
green goddess unfolds from oak
wind smiles

Morning silent sun
rises over still water
wind kisses softly

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