Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Song from a String

Floating up through the clouds
A melancholy look down
A tear drops through clouds
A single drop of rain

Stars breathe light
Beaming delight
Nostalgic memories
Smile, geese fly north.

Laughs of troubles
Once towering
humorous now, old
Picture show, black-white.

Seemed a world with
so many shades
Of colors;
But they were only grays;
Colored paints now,
erupt through every crack.

Tickling leaves whispering in the breeze
Melodies whistling through cotton dabbed skies.
Your hair floating through my eyes
While taste drifts over your lips.

Birds, flight painting
Fireworks in the sky
Song kisses my cheek
While grass caresses your
Lithe form in my arms.

Lazy river, leaves floating
Drawn, pulled, drifting
By dawn rising

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