Friday, May 25, 2007

Cracks in the Darkness

What are cracks in the darkness?

A crack may be only a tiny flaw in an otherwise perfect stone but, it is that flaw which will, with only a slight tap, lead to its destruction. Cracks created in the right places shape uncut diamonds into the exquisite, brilliant stones they become. The crack of a whip can bring pleasure or pain and a crack of thunder will wake you from a sleep to a fantastic fireworks display in the clouds. When all is said and done, it is the tiny crack on the surface which is the catalyst for vast changes in what we perceive as immutable.

How many times have I found myself trapped, alone, in some corner of a seemingly infinite dark depressive void? Knowing without any doubt that, even if I broke free, there would be no where to go, no hope, nothing any better than what has already overwhelmed me.

It is in those darkest moments of hopelessness, when my reasoning and analyzing fail me so completely, that I finally just give up. I become too weak to continue to fight the battle over and over. It is then, when my expectational lenses finally fall from my eyes that I begin to see, it is not really totally dark, cold and empty after all. There is a tiny blemish, a tiny score in the dark void which I missed in all my looking, searching and analyzing of all that was wrong.

As I gaze on that score scratched into the side of the darkness, I see it is, in fact, a crack and there is a feeble light drifting into the darkness. Looking closer, the crack grows and soon my fingers and hands are visible in the light; beautiful, wonderful, loving hands.

The crack grows and comes a window, a door, a room and suddenly a sky; a brilliantly, bright, blue sky, filled with an almost blinding warm light, lifting me higher towards the clouds.

The dark void, gone, melted into the ground, evaporated into nothingness. All this is due to a tiny, insignificant and almost invisible crack.

It is these, the cracks in the darkness which are the seeds of its destruction. No matter how much crap life buries you under, no matter how dark and bleak it becomes, in all the blackness of it all, there are tiny cracks and all it takes is one look, a slight unexpected glance to ignite the light that will vanquish the darkness.

The trick, of course, is in finding the cracks…

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